April Edition: The Movement

Moving forward: Cautiously & Optimistically

We are long overdue for an update here at Susgrainable. In this update:

It’s been quite a start to 2020 to say the least. From having our best ever month in business in February to COVID-19 putting the brakes on all the momentum we had built up. We heard entrepreneurship was a rollercoaster ride, but a global pandemic thrown at us in the first year in business: yikes. Find out how we plan to deal with this setback below.

Jan-Mar updates:

The Susgrainable Team

There have been quite a few changes to the Susgrainable team over the past few months:

Several new additions will be joining us soon. We’ll be introducing them to you shortly!

Where do we stand today?

A better question would be: are we even still standing, haha? It feels as though we’ve been sprinting since last April and just got hit by a truck in March. We’ve definitely dusted ourselves off and have no broken bones. Let’s just say we’re once again finding our legs and are back to slowly walking forward. What does this mean?

This pandemic has re-enforced our commitment in the business and our vision. Health needs to be top of mind moving forward, and our small but resilient team is determined to be part of that solution.

Where we are headed!

Now that we’re back to walking, we’ll be looking to once again find our stride. We’ll jog into markets while cautiously keeping our eye on other opportunities. We are sure we’ll be back to sprinting in no time!

While it’s hard to forecast beyond the next few months, here is a glimpse of what we are working on.

Thanks for reading!! Feel like we’ve missed anything? Know of any interesting ways to get our products out there? We’d love to hear what they are. Let us know at hello@susgrainable.ca.

We wish you health and safety until we chat again!

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