If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen
That statement couldn’t have rung truer for Susgrainable this July. Our month started off great with restrictions lifting and more of our retail partners resuming increasingly “normal” operations. And then, down goes the A/C unit at the kitchen. While we await a fix, baking has been interesting to say the least – ever tried baking bread in 28C heat?! We owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to our amazing baker Bruno for toughing through the heat. Bruno continuously surprises us with his knowledge. He truly lived up to Susgrainable’s value of collaboration this month by helping numerous other bakers learn tricks to bake under these conditions. My favorite tip learned – use ice instead of water to keep the dough cool and have more time to work with it!!

After a crazy hot July, we have quite literally gotten out of the kitchen (we are still making cookies, just no bread for a bit). Our hope is the A/C unit fix will be on schedule and we can get back in the kitchen next week. One thing is for sure, 2020 is a year full of surprises. Now, for a little more on what we’ve been up to.


· Projects, projects, projects – everyone has been in execution mode with their projects in July.

Our interns continue to WOW us with their amazing work and initiative.

o Renee and Yang, from UBC Land and Systems Management, are in the final stages of

their finance project. They’ve looked into everything from inventory costing and

traditional financing to crowdfunding. We will miss them greatly once they finish their


o Maggie, Venus and Joanna joined us from UBC Sauder. They have helped build a strong

business foundation through their internship projects. We are so proud of their

accomplishments and a quick congrats to Maggie for being featured in this great article

discussing the internship program.

· New bread varieties were featured in July at our farmers’ markets – Garlic and Olive. With

breads gaining interest and customers looking for more access, we’ve started looking for

partners for the breads. If you happen to know a business who might be a good fit, please let

us know.

· Susgrainable is now a proud member of the HATCH accelerator. HATCH is the final stage of

the e@UBC incubator that Susgrainable has taken part in. We look forward to working with

other HATCH companies like our good friends BARRELWISE. We can’t wait to meet

everyone in person once it’s safe to do so.

· It’s official. We can finally share that Susgrainable is a finalist in the Sustainability category for

BC Food & Beverage 2020 Awards! We are honoured to be a finalist in our first year with BC

Food & Beverage. Super excited for the event on September 24, 2020.

· Did you know about the Zero Waste options for our baking mixes – Jarr and FulfillShoppe are

2 fantastic partners who carry our cookie mix and waffle mix. Women owned businesses and

focused on the circular economy – this is the future and we couldn’t be happier about it!

· Time is running out to get your tickets for Fresh Roots Farms’ annual harvest gala dinner.

Susgrainable is honoured to be participating in and supporting this amazing organization.


August will be a quieter month as we set up for some big initiatives this fall. Stay tuned for our next few updates as we begin showcasing everything we’ve been up to. It’s been tough staying so tight lipped about everything and we can’t wait to share.

Also, if you own a food business or have ever thought of starting a food business, tune in on August 24th to Feeding Growth’s workshop series where Susgrainable’s co-founders Marc and Clinton will be sharing their experience with their online pivot. We hope you’ll join us if this interests you. Wishing you all an amazing August and look forward to catching up again in September.

Chat soon,

The Susgrainable Team

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