Speaker Opportunities

Bringing edutainment to your events!

Trusted by local schools, student clubs,
and industry associations since 2018

6 Events - 1250+ Attendees

Speaker Opportunities

Bringing edutainment to your events!

Trusted by local schools, 
student clubs, and industry associations since 2018

6 Events - 1250+ Attendees
Marc Speaking at VSBSC Workshop

Marc Wandler

Co-founder and CEO of Susgrainable, Marc is an expert in the emerging circular economy and has led his business from inception to securing an offer on CBC Dragons’ Den. 

With an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and 8+ years in preventive healthcare, Marc serves as a CHFA Regulatory Advisory Board Member, Kidsport Vancouver Board Member, and Co-Chair of the BCFB Founders' Peer Group.

16,000+ KG

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Why Choose Marc?

  • Engaging

    Tired of dull speakers? With Marc's dynamic approach, sessions are a vibrant exchange of ideas as captivating stories of his journey are shared.
  • Knowledgable

    With a wealth of expertise in sustainability, innovation, business, and nutrition, events are rich in actionable insights and nuggets on the latest trends.
  • Interactive

    With exercises and questions, sessions are a vibrant exchange of ideas where attendees participate and debate, fostering true understanding of the topic.
  • Valuable

    What makes a talk truly memorable? Its ability to impart lasting value and impact your actions long after. Be prepared to leave with a new perspective!


Option A

Speaker Fee

For Events Up to 3 Hours
Optional To Buy Mixes at $6
Includes Delivery of Baking Mixes
FREE Goodies For Attendees To Take Home

Option B

Baking Mixes

For Events Up To 3 Hours
Minimum Purchase of 20 Mixes
Includes Delivery of Baking Mixes
FREE Goodies For Attendees To Take Home

Baked Goods

Want to provide your audience with a fresh snack to keep them engaged? Delicious baked goods can be served to all attendees!
1 Banana Bread Loaf
12 Slices
1 Batch of Cookies
12 Cookies
Our Best Deal

Susgrainable's Baking Mixes

The most affordable way to purchase our mixes!
An Exclusive Up To 50% Discount!

How Does It Work


Connect with Susgrainable via email and set up a 15 minute call with our team.
Timetable: 1-5 Days


Plan out the details of the event, including the topic, time, date, and payment choice.
Timetable: 1-3 Days


Choose the payment option that works for you. If ordering baked goods, they will be delivered on the event day.
Timetable: 1 Day


Marc delivers his presentation, mixes, baked goods, and free goodies for all attendees.
Time To Prepare: Minimum 7 days
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We choose Marc for his expertise to present our Sustainability Asset Guide, and WOW, he knows how to captivate an online audience. 


Industry Association

Marc has hosted insightful workshops on food waste to high schools students. We appreciated his expertise and baked goods!


Student Organization

Having Marc share his journey as a founder with a focus on marketing and branding was the highlight of our annual event in 2023.

UBC Imprint

Student Club

Frequently Ask Questions

What topics can Marc speak to?

Marc Wandler is an expert in a range of topics including the Circular Economy, entrepreneurship, sustainability, marketing, and innovation in business. He tailors each talk to the audience's interests and the event's theme, ensuring that the content is relevant and impactful. If you have a specific topic in mind, please mention it in your inquiry, and we may be able to accommodate your request.

Does Marc do virtual events?

Yes, Marc is available for both in-person (Lower Mainland & Calgary) and virtual events. Our virtual sessions are designed to be as engaging and interactive as the physical ones by using online meeting/webinar tools and well developed slides.

Are your products plant based and allergen free?

Our baking mixes are indeed plant-based, regardless of if the packaging is black or green. However, they do contain gluten, as they are crafted with our upcycled barley flour. 

Our baked goods can be made with a plant-based recipe upon request. Please note that they will always contain a small amount of gluten and wheat from our flour blend. Baked goods may also contain peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, or cocnuts. Product ingredient lists and allergen info are avaliable upon request.

What are the next steps to book Marc?

Send our team an email at with as much info regarding your request. Our team will then send a response to start the planning process. 

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