Marc and Clinton Holding Susgrainable Baking Mixes

Upcycled Baking Mixes & Barley Flour

The Susgrainable Story

Did you know that 450,000 tons of spent grain are disposed in Canada every year?

Arguably, breweries have been throwing away the healthiest part of the grain for years. Spent grain is packed full of fibre, protein, and minerals.

That’s where we step in...
At the heart of it, we rescue spent grain from breweries before it reaches landfills, and transform it into delicious baking mixes your whole family can enjoy. Our Upcycled Barley flour is at the root of our high-fibre, low sugar treats.

Established to combat food waste and champion healthier diets, our vision is to create a way for people to benefit from the “whole” grain- in a healthy and delicious way.

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Meet The Susgrainable Co-Founders

Marc Wandler Profile Picture


  • Health nut and cookie enthusiast
  • Circular Economy Expert
  • Avid soccer player
  • Yoga enthusiast
  • Volunteer Board Member - Grow Local Society & Kidsport Vancouver

Most surprising fact:
Marc doesn’t bake, but he loves our cookies...

Clinton Bishop Profile Picture


  • Lover of all things policy
  • The Industrial Grain Farmer
  • Amateur curler and golfer
  • Former Mayor of Barons, Alberta
  • Volunteer Board Member – Squamish Farmers’ Market & VFM Vendor Advisory Committee

Most Surprising fact:
Clinton is an operational wizard & food safety nut!

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Grandmother Pouring Susgrainable Cookie Mix Closeup Shot


Reducing food waste and promoting healthier diets by developing a scalable circular economy model for urban centers.

Grandparents Enjoying Susgrainable Chocolate Chip Cookies


To build healthier communities, healthier people, and a healthier planet!

Mom and Son Holding Susgrainable Pancake Mix


Our recipe for success means staying true to our core values of Health, Collaboration, Empowerment, Accountability, and Fun.

Marc and Clinton Boothing at Vancouver Farmers Market 2018

Big Ideas Guy Meets Logistical Wizard

After sampling their cookies at their first Vancouver Farmers’ Market in 2018, they knew they were onto something.

Six weeks later, they were hiring a baker to keep up with their demand.

Susgrainable Founders Together with overlaying text that says different skills complement each other

Forming A Dynamic Duo

Clinton handles a lot of the day-to-day operations. He grew up on a barley farm and has a background in business.

Marc is the ideas guy. He’s responsible for a lot of the big picture vision. His background is in health and exercise.

Image of Brewer's Spent Grain to Upcycled Barley Flour Transformation

How Do They Gel?

Our different skills complement each other. Marc dreams big, and Clinton keeps his visions in check.

What was once a side hustle is now a full-fledged operation.

Image of Mom and Son Enjoying their time baking with a Pancake & Waffle Mix

Flour Power

Susgrainable has 8 employees and is stocked in 78 stores and counting.

Susgrainable's Production Process

How do we get from beer waste to banana bread?

Extraction Icon

1. Extraction

Malted barley in the brewing industry is steeped in water to extract all the sugars but the rest of the grain is left behind.

Collection Icon

2. Collection

As soon as brewing is complete, we collect the brewer's spent grain (BSG) and send them for processing.

Processing Icon

3. Processing

We process the grains into a nutritious, versatile, and low gluten flour, the key ingredient in our baking mixes.

Wallpaper image of Susgrainable's baking mixes including a banana bread mix, pancake & waffle mix, and a chocolate chip cookie mix.

4. Our Susgrainable Products

Our flour is then used to create our easy to make baking mixes, which are better for you and our planet.

Group collage of a pancake, banana bread, and batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Upcycling Brewery Waste into Tasty Baking Mixes and Treats

Find us in the baking aisle at your local Whole Foods, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, and more!