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Looking for a portfolio company that cuts through the greenwashing? Susgrainable's story, mission and vision does just that. Improve your portfolio's ESG Standing by investing in Susgrainable today!

Room to Grow

The untapped premium upcycled flour market is ready for a key player. Susgrainable is positioning itself for first-mover advantage in this space.

See what our current Investors/Advisors have to say about Susgrainable and the team!

I have been involved in
Susgrainable as a mentor, advisor and investor since 2020. Marc and Clinton have consistently demonstrated high standards of learning, curiosity and determination, and never wavered in their vision and commitment. We have been through many ups and downs together as a team and are now seeing the results solidify.

Kyle Cheriton

Former business leader with Four Seasons Hotels, The Walt Disney Company, United Airlines and Arista Networks.

Clinton and Marc have been two of the best values-based and committed founders I have ever had the pleasure of working with during my extensive career.

Dave Eto

35+ years of food manufacturing, strategic planning, and c-suite experience

I have been in the food services and food wholesale businesses as a hands-on entrepreneurial business owner for more than 4 years. I know very well the challenges and uncertainties of the business. But I also recognize the importance of product innovation and the leadership it requires to pursue them.

Over the past year and more, I have been carefully observing, supporting and interacting with Marc, Clinton, and the Susgrainable team. I applaud their foresight, drive and determination which I know brings success in a challenging and competitive market.

Mike Rogiani

40+ years of entrepreneurial business ownership

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