Partnering with Susgrainable

Earn 50% On Each
Sale With Our Fundraiser!

Or provide your students with a curriculum specific workshop on reducing food waste, business, and more!
Your Values Aligned Fundraising & Workshop Partner


Tired of selling the same old products? Sell with purpose by supporting our mission to reduce food waste while funding your own cause!


Provide your students with practical tips and real life solutions from those who practice sustainability, leaving them inspired!

Easy Execution

Here's how it works!

1. Plan

Connect with Susgrainable, setup a call, and plan out your fundraiser's execution.
Timetable: 5-10 Business Days

2. Execute

Receive FREE templated materials for easy execution. Or create your own!
Suggested Length: 3 Weeks

3. Delivery

Mixes & funds are delivered to your fun wrap up event or pickup location.
Timetable: 3-10 Business Days
For more detailed info, download our brochure or contact us!

Past Fundraisers & Workshops

Marc has hosted insightful workshops on food waste to our high schools students. We appreciated his expertise and deliciously baked goods!


School Workshop

The opportunity to work with a values-aligned company was a joy! We raised $2600+ during the holiday season to fight local food waste and hunger. 

Food Stash


This fundraiser was the ideal way to raise funds for student organized environmental projects, including an upcycled library cart and other projects.

Reynolds Sec.


The HSS Interact Club raised funds to grow their ShelterBox donation, doubling dipping our impact in emergency shelter relief and reducing food waste.

Howe Sound


Alberta Dance Theatre raised $500+ to buy costumes, shoes, and host classes for aspiring dancers throughout the year.

Alberta Dance Theatre


Why Partner With Susgrainable?



Enviornmentally and socially conscious products that align with your values. 

Earn More

Your work adds value to our community, so we show it with an event split of the revenue!


Keeping funds and impact in our local community. That's the future we want to see!

Easy & Fun

We are here to help you with a tailored success kit, active support, and fun FREE marketing materials.

Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your products excellent for doing fundraisers with?

  • Cool new product that people are curious to try
  • 50% share of the funds -> Plus we take care of the admin
  • Easy to execute with support from our team
Pssst... we're also known for interactive and engaging workshops if you're into the circular economy!!

What classes are the Susgrainable Workshop relevant to?

Too many to name! The workshop is modifiable to fit the BC or AB curriculum for the following educational departments: (1) Science/ Environmental Science; (2) Social Studies, Social Justice, Humanities; (3) Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, or (4) Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies. Past workshops topics include strategies to reduce food waste at the household level, the circular economy vs. the linear economy, and the story behind Susgrainable.

Is the fundraiser easy to carry out?

It's incredibly easy. You will be selling a selection of Susgrainable's packaged baking mixes, so there is no need for any baking or cleanup. We will provide you with a Community Fundraiser Starting Kit to aid your team with marketing our healthy and sustainable baking mixes. Marketing materials, templated emails, and support from our team to plan a final event day will all work to support your sales. 

Can I do both the fundraiser and school workshop?

Yes. Your school can choose to 1) pay for the workshop out of pocket, 2) have your students collect funds to pay for it and other school initiatives with the fundraiser, or 3) only launch a fundraiser to support student activities at your school or provide additional school funding. The choice is yours. Workshops can also be scheduled prior to the fundraiser, which we have found motivates students as they get behind the company, its mission, and team. 

Partner With Susgrainable

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