Sustainability baked into every bite.

Our line of baking mixes is here to boost fibre and protein in your diet. Do this while making a meaningful impact on the environment through our upcycled barley flour!


High in fibre & protein


Proudly made in Vancouver, BC


Every bite diverts valuable food waste

We've managed to make quite the impact so far ...

... 3000+ kg of spent grain upcycled, and counting.

Stay tuned for more announcements on this front.


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Customer Reviews

Kerry Sully

I love the whole idea behind this recycling waste from a brewery and baking really good food. The cookies are awesome and I can hardly wait to bake with the flour. And even though I am outside of their delivery area they still delivered.

Michelle Kelly

Susgrainable cookies are the best!!!
Not only is Susgrainable good for the environment, the treats are totally addicting. The crew behind the magic is an awesome group of friends that have built this business from the ground up. They are constantly exploring ways to contribute to the community and are so passionate about what they're doing. Everyone should be passionate about what they're doing... I'm extra passionate about the vegan cookies ;)

Connie N

Their cookies are amazingly delicious and healthy 😍 My family and colleagues can’t get enough of them.
Susgrainable baked goods are a must-try!

Steven LaRocca

I absolutely love the full line of amazing goodness that is Susgrainable.

This is feel good food all day long.

From bread to packaged ingredients, this company doesn’t disappoint. They even have a blueberry square that is crazy good.

Susgrainable is also worth Googling as they are real leaders in upcycling traditionally wasted food/grains. They also have strong ties to local charities.

Susgrainable is a real value add for the lower mainland.

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