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Healthy Baking Mixes For The Whole Family

Made from rescued grains from local craft breweries with sustainability baked into every bite.

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Better For You & Our Planet

We're not just about baking mixes. We're about having an impact.

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Why Choose Susgrainable’s Upcycled Barley Flour?

Did you know craft breweries dispose over 450,000 tons of brewer's spent grain (BSG) per year?

With 58% of all food produced in Canada being wasted (35.5M metric tons annually), and the healthier half of beer being thrown away, we saw an opportunity.

By rescuing beer waste and turning it into tasty, easy-to-make baking mixes and treats, Susgrainable is participating in the fight against low fibre diets and recoverable food waste.

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Is Barley Flour Healthy?

The worst part is…spent grain is packed full of dietary fibre, prebiotics, plant based protein, and minerals. That’s a whole lot of goodness tossed into landfills year over year.

Through upcycling, we transform spent grains into high fibre, low sugar, guilt-free treats.

Baked goods such as bread, pancakes, waffles, grains, cashews, and blueberries are featured.

The Benefits of Barley Flour

Some call it brewery waste; we call it upcycled barley flour.

Upcycled barley flour is environmentally friendly, versatile, and economical, making it perfect for personal or commercial use.

Used in all of our baking mixes, it’s a healthy and delicious way to impact the planet and your health, one Susgrainable bite at a time.

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Our Impact

We've rescued

17,500 KG

of grain from 7 local breweries so far!

Our plan is to rescue

40,000 KG

by the end of 2024.

Explore DIY recipes your whole family will enjoy.

It all starts with our upcycled barley flour or baking mixes!

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