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An affordable baking ingredient to supercharge
your products' nutrition and company's ESG impact!

Why Choose Susgrainable?

Provide your customers with the healthy and sustainable products they are now looking for!
Our Upcycled Barley Flour is a versatile, affordable, nutritious, and ecofriendly ingredient. Abundant in plant-based protein and soluble dietary fibre, our flour is perfect for personal or commercial use. 

From being a functional flour used in baked goods to salted snacks, service your customers with food safe products that are better for them and our planet!

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Significant interest from food producers, commercial bakeries, and distributors in strategically utilizing our flour
Positive Feedback
Average consumer reviews on our baking mixes and barley flour is 4.84/5
Our retail locations span across British Columbia & Alberta, with select stores soon selling our flour
Rescued Grains
From 7 local breweries and diverted from landfills to be upcycled into flour

Our Key Differentiator


31g Per Serving

70 Calories

13g Fibre

Soluble & Insoluble

9g Protein


0g Sugar

No Sweetners

2kg Rescued Grains

Reduces Food Waste


All-Purpose Flour

95% Cost Reduction

For Craft Breweries

<92% Net Carbs

Than Regular Flour

Rich Toasty Nutty

Flavour Profile

Shelf Life

36 Months
About Our Product

Product Benefits

Our industry-leading production process allows us to produce flour while perserving food safety, nutrition, and a natural colour for our flour. Plus, using our flour provides several business advantages, including the following.





Savoury, flavourful products no longer have to come at the expense of nutrition. Upcycled Barley Flour has a deep, rich, toasty, malt flavour that adds a complex note, complementing other sweet or savoury flavours in your recipes. Reducing food waste has never been so yummy!


Our Upcycled Barley Flour has 4x the fibre, 3x the protein, and <92% net carbs than regular barley flour. With all the prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, and macronutrient profile of our flour, it's safe to say our flour is the healthier half of beer. Oh, did we forgot to mention it has higher fibre and protein content than all other functional flours on the market!


By redirecting brewers' spent grain from landfills and upcycling them into flour, we reduce carbon emissions from decomposition. Some would say we are making the most of the grain, so why not leverage it as an ESG win with your stakeholders by sharing the impact of the grains you've helped us rescue. 

Product Comparison


Spent Grains

Susgrainable directly collects the BSG from craft breweries as soon as it is ready. Wet spent grain is taken to a drying facility for rapid dehydration, which is done within 8 hours.

Upcycled Barley Flour

The dried barley is then milled to create flour. We grind the flour to remove any large husks and create a consistently smooth texture.

Malted Barley

The grain we focus on for collection as malted barely is used by breweries in the beer-making process. The end product is a mash known as Brewers' Spent Grain.

Barley Grains

Different varieties of malted barley, each offering their own flavour of barley flour. 
So how does our barley flour compare? By using the healthier half of beer with all the fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, upcycled barley flour already looks quite promising.

Add in our industry leading production process that preserves food safety, taste, nutrition and color, and you have the healthiest flour you can find for a more affordable price than other functional flours. 

Potential Commercial Use Cases


High fibre crackers, flatbreads, and crisps are now easy to produce with a blend of our barley flour and enriched wheat flour. 



Barley flour can be used in sourdough, improve the nutrition of sliced bread, or be sold by artisinal bakers and in cafes.



People love eating pretzels with their beer. Why not go full circle by serving them pretzels made from beer waste.



Multigrain flakes are net carb intensive. Now you have a low cost way to improve its fibre and protein content with a twist. 



Naans, pitabreads, and tortillas are staples in certain cuisines. With a blend of barley flour, they can be even healthier.


Baking Additive

Creating muffins, carrot cake, or pizza dough? Add a bit of our barley flour to enhance its nutrition and taste.

Product Options

Packaging Sizes

We offer Upcycled Barley Flour in 3 Sizes
-400g for recipe development
-750g for commercial testing or sampling
-20kg wholesale bags for large scale use (Coming Soon)

Wholesale Bags

Better Value for Large Customers

CPG Pouches

Great for Sampling & Testing

Who Do We Service?

We sell our flour to food producers, bakeries, cafes, brands, breweries, dieticians, restaurants, meal kit or subscription box delivery services, care homes, and more. Unsure? Reach out and we'll let you know. 

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